Catering Expert (SCM-EXP/SCM-BPN) @ Chevron

Expired Date: 24-4-11

Chevron is a major partner in Indonesia’s economy and an active member of the community.

Through our wholly owned subsidiary PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia, we produce approximately 40 percent of Indonesia’s crude oil, and we’re searching for new oil and gas reserves from central Sumatra to offshore East Kalimantan.

Chevron sells lubricants in Indonesia through our subsidiary PT Chevron Oil Products Indonesia.

Our operations in Indonesia help make Chevron the largest producer of geothermal energy in the world. Catering Expert (SCM-EXP/SCM-BPN)
(Kalimantan Timur – Balikpapan)


  • Supervises, manages and performs QA/QC functions for Catering and Accommodation Services including facilities, equipment, raw materials, human resources, etc. at on-shore and off-shore locations.
  • Supervises, manages and controls performance of 3rd party Contractors who operate and deliver Catering and Accommodation Services and ensures that the services meet or exceed customer requirements.
  • Supervises, manages and controls food safety implementation in catering services and prevent food borne illness incidents.
  • Performs periodic Food Defense Assessment to all Catering and Accommodation Services to ensure that all the services are provided in safe, hygiene and proper manner.
  • Organizes special company events (sports, employee gatherings, Independent Day celebration, etc.)
  • Manages routine sport activities including equipment, scheduling, instructors, etc for swimming, tennis, volley ball, fitness, table tennis, etc.)
  • Manages Fundamental Safe Work Practice implementation and compliance for Catering and Accommodation services.
  • Manages maintenance to Catering and Accommodation services including kitchen facilities & equipment, cold storages, accommodation facilities & furniture, sport facilities & equipment, laundry facilities & equipment


  • Minimum 4 years experience with minimum 3 years experience as Supervisor in National and/or Multi-National catering and/or Hotel industries.
  • Minimum 3 years experience in handling the following duties for Hotel, Catering and/or Restaurant businesses:
    • Raw foods packaging, transportation, inspection and storage
    • Raw food supply chain management
    • Food preparation, cooking and serving to customer
  • Food hygiene sanitation and control
  • Accommodation and laundry services
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) functions for Catering and Accommodation Services including facilities, equipment, raw materials, human resources, etc.
  • Certified in food hygiene sanitation and control
  • Certified and/or familiar with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)
  • Familiar with Food Defense Assessment
  • Good English (minimum TOEFL 450)
  • Pleasant and customer oriented person.
  • Education Requirement : S1
  • Education Discipline : All major related to Hotel institute
  • GPA min. : 2.75
  • Work Location : East Kalimantan

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